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Here you can learn about our group, find information on the bioinformatics services we provide, and see the broad array of resources available to Sanford-Burnham researchers. Customers from other non-profit and commercial organizations are welcome. We can assist you in any of the following areas:

Contact us by phone (858-795-5336858-795-5336), email (bsr_help@burnham.org) or in person (bld.10 rm 2405, 2406). The link to the Core internal web site is here. Follow one of the links below to get started:

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Every Sanford-Burnham researcher has access to the following Systems Biology tools:

NextBio is the search engine that enables scientists to easily traverse incredible volumes of biological data to form novel hypotheses, validate findings and test ideas. Researchers and clinicians can enter a gene, protein, disease, or tissue of interest into a search box and receive ranked answers to their queries based on an unparalleled knowledge trove of biomedical information. Moreover, users can instantly correlate metadata signatures generated from their research with the results of thousands high throughput studies.  You can register and start using NextBio from dedicated, secured domain at https://bimr.nextbio.com/c/authentication/login.nb. to formulate, validate and share answers to complex questions across different assay platforms, organisms and research domains to advance scientific and clinical discovery.


IPA is a web-based application that helps to analyze experimental data in the context of biological pathways and functions, search for genes, phenotypes and diseases, and create create/modify experimental models.  IPA contains manually curated findings from full-text scientific articles. Here is sign up link for IPA account: https://apps.ingenuity.com/isa/account/signup/ipa. You do not need to ask Alexey Eroshkin for Institutional License Key anymore. Click on "Sign up" and fill the form. Once you fill out this form, you will receive an email with your private IPA account.

GeneGo’s MetaCore/MetaDrug Discovery Platform provides software and databases for genomics and cheminformatics analysis in the context of manually curated pathways derived from full-text articles. Researchers can batch upload their experimental data and share with colleagues. They can then use this data for pathway analysis and ontological enrichment and have a downloadable report with publication quality images. The system provides in depth coverage of diseases, covering human, mouse, rat, dog, worm, yeast, fly, chicken and chimpanzee. To have access to the system please email your request to genegosupport@thomsonreuters.com and you will receive your access keys. Here is the link to the portal: https://portal.genego.com.

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